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Most people we speak with have 3 questions:
               Do you know what's wrong with me?

Yes! because most health complaints stem from a lack of function or balance in the body, it is likely you have malfunctions at the root of your health complaints. We are trained to identify these often hidden malfunctions using functional lab testing. We incorporate natural protocols to deal with your health complaints at a causal level.

               Can you help me?

Yes! as long as you are as committed to restoring your health as we are. FDN’s proven protocols are based on restoring function and balance to cells, organs, and systems, not just suppress or control symptoms.

               Have you helped others like me? 

Yes!  we have helped our clients reach the highest level of health they’ve experienced in years. Many clients have completely resolved their health problems, even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions.

Investing in You

Our approach is built on a shared commitment between client and practitioner.  

We will be with you each step of the way to educate and encourage so you can make informed choices.

Getting to Know You

In order to help you, we have to know you.

This is accomplished through questionnaires, lab testing, observation,
and conversation. During our initial meetings, we will discuss your health history,
along with your current health complaints and wellness goals. These are in-depth
discussions and we consider all information pertinent to your health.

Custom Plans Based on Your Lab Results

We perform a comprehensive analysis of all the information we gather about you, revealing the biochemical and metabolic imbalances that are behind your current health complaints.

We then tailor a program to address these imbalances that includes education
pertaining to natural and botanical supplements and remedies, as well as lifestyle
factors such as stress management, diet, sleep, appropriate exercise, and adequate hydration.

Good Health is by Choice, Not by Chance!

Ultimately, we teach a learn-to-take-care-of-yourself model in which you are educated and empowered to make the best choices for your future health.

The true hero in this process is you!

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