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In Their Own Words

Upon a friend's recommendation, I went to see Brandon simply to get help dealing with high cholesterol, which has run in my family.   Brandon was able to show me through research and testing methods that I could lower my cholesterol quite easily and possibly help other issues I had as well; all by dealing with inflammation.  I was able to cut out a couple of specific foods that my body didn't like, increase my healthy fat diet (which includes bacon and eggs!) and wham, I saw my cholesterol numbers drop immediately and my other healthy heart indicators actually increase.  The best part of all:  I had been diagnosed in 2012 with Ulcerative Colitis and was taking $800/month prescription pills, when I first went to see him.   As a result of Brandon's diet recommendations and protocol, all of my UC symptoms disappeared and I've been off the medicine for almost two years now with no relapse!    God has blessed Brandon with incredible knowledge to help you get your body working at its best.  I can't recommend him highly enough!”                            

                                                                                                      -Barry M., Charlotte, NC

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