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For years I struggled with my own personal health challenges.

My journey to health and wellness coaching was not a direct one. For years I struggled with my own personal health challenges, among which were anxiety, depression, fatigue, and indigestion. Finding no relief with pharmaceuticals, I walked into a local health food store and found real answers to my health struggles. My passion grew as I watched my own health improve. 

After hundreds of hours of personal study and self-experimentation, I began to educate family and friends, and finally developed a 13-week course on natural health methodologies called "Seeds of Health". Soon after, I continued to expand my education and became a Certified FDN® Practitioner so I could help people on a deeper level. 

Prior to t
his, I worked for more than a decade troubleshooting complex computer networks and electronic display systems. I now employ the same analytical skills, attention to detail and diligence to troubleshoot the most complex system of all - the human body. I leave no stone unturned in the search for root causes of your health complaints.

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